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Shifting Shadows


Elizabeth Dupard awakens at the foot of the stairs in her familiar home. She looks in the mirror and sees a stranger. The year is 2013, not 1905. Elizabeth Dupard died 100 years ago and was reincarnated as Analise Parrish, the face in the mirror. Analise has memories of a past life but none of her present life. Someone killed her in that former lifetime. Someone is trying to kill her in the present, and she must recover her memories of this lifetime or die.



Anything You Can Do

(The battle of the sexes has never been funnier)

Ares and Aphrodite
Antony and Cleopatra
Superman and Lois Lane
Bailey Russell and Austin Travers

They can't get along with each other, but they can't get along without each other. Bailey likes to win whether in the courtroom or on the 10K race track. So does Austin. When the two meet, sparks fly in all directions.

Bailey Russell's life is pretty much perfect. She has a dog, a condo, and she's on the fast track to becoming a partner in the small law firm where she works. Then Austin Travers shows up with his electric blue eyes and electric touch. He beats her in a 10K race, almost overtakes her in an impromptu swim meet, and cooks a delicious meal while her cheesecake tastes like greasy cardboard. However, she takes him down in the courtroom and in a game of chess. The score is close to even. Then she learns he wants to change her law firm, merge it with a bigger one, disrupt Bailey's life.

To her chagrin, Bailey finds herself attracted to the annoying man, but she remembers only too well the painful days of being a skinny, awkward adolescent, the butt of jokes about red hair and freckles and brainy women. Men like Austin Travers reserved their interest for beautiful women with soft voices and bust line measurements that exceeded their IQs.

Austin soon realizes that Bailey is the most frustrating woman he's ever met, a tiger, a force to be reckoned with. She makes him crazy, but all other women are pale ghosts beside her. She makes him feel vital and alive. If only he can figure out how to be around her for five minutes without wanting to strangle her.


Ghost of Summer

(A magical story of love)

When Kate Fallon tells her father she's going to be married, he insists she discuss it with her mother. Kate's mother died when she was two. Kate is immediately concerned about her father's welfare. She adores him, he's her whole world AND the sheriff of Briar Creek County. If he's seeing Mama's ghost, will he also see the ghost of Billy the Kid or Jessie James...and try to arrest or even shoot them?

When Kate goes to Briar Creek, she is shocked to find Luke Rodgers, her best friend when they were children, has returned to town and is her father's new deputy. Luke left town when she was eleven. The pain of losing first her mother and then her best friend set Kate on a path to avoid further involvement. Her planned marriage is a sensible, mutually beneficial agreement, but her heart isn't involved. Luke reaches her heart, and that terrifies her. She tries to stay away from him, but circumstances continue to throw them together.

If one is to believe her father, Mama is responsible for much of this. It's Mama who suggests they invite Luke for dinner, insisting they use her good china, Mama who prompts Papa with answers to Kate's questions about what to cook for the dinner, Mama who seems to know which dishes are Luke's favorites.

Can Mama help Kate and Luke recapture the wonder and magic of their childhood love, the ghost of their summers past and the promise of all the summers to come?


Secrets Rising


(Romantic suspense)

When Rebecca Patterson's parents die in an automobile crash, she is shocked to find a note hidden in a locked drawer. "I thank you for what you're doing for Rebecca. I know you'll give her a good home and loving family, all the things I can't...If she ever finds out you're not her natural parents, you must not, under any circumstances, let her try to find me."

Devastated by this revelation that her mother and father lied to her, weren't really her parents, Rebecca determines to find her biological parents. She hires private investigator, Jake Thornton, a rugged man who dresses in black, has eyes the color of the midnight summer sky and dark hair a little too long and shaggy, as though he hasn't taken time for a haircut lately.

Jake knows from experience that his new client's quest may not end happily. Her birth mother isn't looking for her. She doesn't want to be found. She isn't waiting with champagne and roses to greet her long-lost daughter. Rebecca will likely be disappointed, and he's not sure she's strong enough to withstand another disappointment after the twin shocks of losing her parents to death and discovering she's adopted.

Jake is attracted to his tall, willowy client with her shiny blond hair and blue-green eyes that seem a combination of the trees and the Texas sky. He yearns to touch her, make love to her, smooth her brow, dig up loving parents for her, make everything all right.

He knows that's impossible. He's loved and lost enough family to be wary of becoming involved with someone who needs a permanent relationship. His motto is "Love and let go," while Rebecca feels lost and alone and desperately needs to find someone to belong to. No matter how much he might want her, he can't let her mistake passion for something else, can't let her count on him for anything else when passion is all he has to give and all he wants to take.

Their search for her birth family takes them to a small town three hours from Dallas. On the surface, Edgewater is an idyllic town, a remnant of a bygone era when life was slower and simpler. But ugly secrets seethe just beneath the picturesque surface. Rebecca's search causes those long-buried secrets to rise and put her life in danger while her continued presence in Jake's life causes him to doubt his ability to love and let go.


Secrets Among the Shadows


(Romance, suspense, paranormal)

Eliot Kane fears he's a modern day Jekyll and Hyde.

Eliot dreams in graphic detail about choking a woman. The next day, he learns that woman is the victim of a brutal murder. From his dream Eliot knows details about that murder that haven't been released to the public, details only the killer can know. He seeks the help of psychiatrist Leanne Warner to learn if he's a murderer, if he has a personality split and a monster named Edward lives inside his brain. Eliot doesn't dare love Leanne because Edward wants to kill her.

Leanne looks out her bedroom window in the middle of the night and sees Eliot Kane leaning against a tree, watching her. He straightens when he sees her, stands erect and returns her gaze. In the pale glow from the corner street lamp, his eyes seem to blaze. She can almost feel the hatred coming from him. Evil surrounds him like an aura. It's there in his stance, in the tilt of his head, in the very air around him, and it's directed toward her.

But that's crazy. Eliot doesn't hate her. Is she looking at Edward?


Undercover Secrets

(Romance, humor, mystery)

Brad Malone, undercover cop, is trying to blend with the homeless community and find a killer before somebody else dies. He's been a cop for thirteen years. Dealing with murder is nothing new to him. However, he's never before dealt with anyone like television news reporter, Allison Prescott. She follows him, takes his picture, asks embarrassing questions and gets close enough that she could blow his cover. Yet in spite of his irritation with her and the warning of his own common sense, he finds himself involved in her personal life, helping her deal with her obnoxious ex, taking her daughter to a rock concert and falling in love with her.

Allison is struggling to start over after her plastic surgeon husband dumped her for his hot young nurse. Dr. Doug got the big house, the nice car and the fat bank account, though he generously offered Allison a free face lift since she's over thirty. Allison did not think it would be a good idea to let her ex anywhere near her with a sharp knife.

Now Dr. Doug is suing for custody of their daughter, twelve-year old Megan, and Allison doesn't have the money to fight him. With nothing on her resume except "homemaker" and "mom," Allison is lucky that an old friend helps her get her a job as a reporter for a local television station. However, her beginner's salary isn't enough to fight Dr. Doug in court. She needs a big story, a promotion and a raise. Allison will do whatever it takes to keep her daughter.

She's covering the story of the latest murder of a homeless man on the streets of Oklahoma City when she spots a derelict who looks anything but homeless. He's too alert, too well-muscled...too sexy. Who is this man and why is he pretending to be one of the street people? Can he be the murderer?

Her daughter thinks he's a famous rock star in hiding.

Dr. Doug thinks he's generally annoying. He resents this strange man who effortlessly hustles him out the door when he's not finished berating Allison. He's also disturbed by the spate of tickets he's suddenly getting...parking, speeding, failure to signal...but surely there's no connection.

Whoever this man is, Allison is determined to stick to him like glue until she gets the big story which will equal more money which will equal the ability to fight for her daughter. But her plans did not include falling in love.


With This Child







Marcie Turner was told her baby died at birth. Thirteen years later she learns her child was switched for Sam Woodward's terminally ill baby.

4-1/2 GOLD rating from Romantic Times."...makes you laugh, cry and ultimately celebrate as the healing power of love prevails over adversity." Romantic Times



Porcupine Ranch





Clayton's new housekeeper, Hannah, cooks unidentifiable food, melts his laundry, death-traps his shower...and steals his heart!  

"...what fun for the reader as this tale unfolds!...mixture of fun and love." Rendezvous



A Bride in Waiting - Sara's story


Sara Martin comes to Briar Creek, Texas, to find her birth mother. Instead she finds a gorgeous man who thinks she's his fiance. Lucas Daniels fiance runs out the day of their rehearsal, then when he finds her, she knees him in the groin and swears she doesn't know him!

"... fetching characters and an intriguing mystery."Romantic Times



A Gift for the Groom - Analise's story




Silhouette Romance, w/a Sally Carleen, ISBN #0-373-19382-3, July 1999

Analise Brewster leaves town to locate a gift for her fiance...proof of his father's innocence in an old crime. What she finds is Nick Claiborne, a sexy detective whose patience she exhausts as they cross the country to find that the woman who framed her fiance's father is dead. But she left a daughter who looks just like Analise. Enough like her to be her twin.

"...a delectable romp...lively dialogue, a touch of mystery and a darling, upbeat heroine." Romantic Times




My Favorite Husband

Katie whacks Travis with an iron skillet, gives him amnesia and tells him he's her husband!

"...a fast-paced, witty romance." Romantic Times




The Prince's Heir



Mandy Crawford wants her adopted son, Josh, to grow up in the midst of her loving family in their big old home in Willoughby, Texas, just the way she did. But then Stephan Reynard, Prince of the island of Castile, appears to claim his deceased brother's illegitimate son...the heir to the throne of Castile. 

"...emotionally charged...romance." Romantic Times




Harlequin Comics, English edition:



Harlequin Comics, French edition:



Harlequin Comics, Korean edition:



Harlequin Comics, Chinese edition:





5-year old Cody makes a wish...and the star atop his Christmas tree leads Ben Sloan through the blizzard to him and to his mother, Arianne.

"...all the wonder of the holiday spirit...." Romantic Times





Emily rents the bottom half of Carson's duplex and turns his life and his heart upside down.

"...deft blend of physical humor, sparkling dialogue and an irresistible zest for life." Romantic Times




A beautiful woman wearing a bridal gown stained with blood runs directly in front of the car driven by Cole Grayson, a private investigator and former cop. Because he hit the woman, Cole feels responsible for her, especially since she can't remember who she is or whose blood stains her gown.



Kansas City Story


Kansas City Story, a rich collection of short stories blending history with fiction, takes the reader from the muddy banks of the Mighty Mo to the gleaming glass and steel of the Sprint Center. The journey highlights memorable moments in our river city's intriguing history, beginning as a wilderness settlement in 1821. Written by local authors, this unique anthology showcases the KC Spirit that overcame floods, fires, and disasters to create the quintessential American metropolis that thrives today.





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